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    Nutrition During Pregnancy

    Weight Change and Calories Myth: Now that you are pregnant, you should be eating for two (or twice as much!)....
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    Personal Training

    Introducing your expert in personal training, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond….. Having a baby is one the most overwhelming and amazing...
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    Total Transformations is dedicated and committed to assisting women in all stages of life to enhance their overall physical and...
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    If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant eating healthy, staying in shape and exercising is necessary! During this...
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From conception to delivery, a fetus is at the mercy of its environment. Help you and your child stay healthy and fit.
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Generally, if you exercised throughout your pregnancy and had a normal vaginal delivery, you can safely perform your pregnancy workout — or at least light exercise, such as walking, modified push-ups, and stretching — within days of giving birth.
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    http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/landing-page.aspx Week By Week Pregnancy Calendar Want to know when you can...
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The vision of Total Transformations is to create a network of community support for the complete mental and physical health of women through a collaborative team of professionals, striving to improve and enhance the overall wellness of the Morgantown area.

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